How To Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

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How To Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

If you’ve not thought about how to increase the amount of terpenes you can get from cannabis this is the moment to think about it. Not only can terpenes alter the smell and fragrance of the plant and thus the user’s delight, but they’re also claimed to enhance the plant’s health benefits and potency. So, let’s take a deeper review of how we can increase their output.


Excellent soil

Cannabis as with every other plant, needs a good soil to thrive and produce strong, terpene-rich buds. Although it’s a given that enough nutrients must be in the soil differ on this issue There are those who advocate for natural nutrients, whereas others say that the synthetic ones are just as effective. Whatever you decide, make sure they don’t overpower your buds. If this isn’t the kind of thing you’re seeking, then flush the plants two or three weeks prior to the time to harvest. It will remove any extra nutrients that can interfere with the floral scent.

The greatest soil tip is to develop it into “super,” or “alive,” soil that is abundant in microorganisms. You’ll be mimicking nature’s world in this manner. If you combine it with the right supplements, you’ll get a greater variety and complexity of Terpenes.

Do you want to be stressed or do not wish to stress, that is the issue.

To induce your plants to produce terpenes you’ll need to offer them an LST (low stress) training. The rationale for bending the plant and spreading the small branches in the correct direction is that your loved foliage will get more light and grow at an comparable rate when you do this.

Allow it to shine.

In that regard, UV light, particularly UV-B light, is suggested to increase the harvest. UV light is said to stimulate the growth of trichrome, and because terpenes are produced by those glands that are tiny, it promotes the formation of terpenes. In essence, they are produced by the plant in order to shield itself from UV radiation. But be careful not to get excited, and remember to wear your safety glasses. The flowering phase the exposure to light should last two to three weeks.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold,

In the last 6 months of blooming, the temperature is vital for the growth of buds, as well as the quantity and quality of terpenes.

The temperature should stay at or below 80 degrees F throughout the remainder of the blooming period since anything above that will cause buds to become hard and lose their lovely scents. Reduce the temperature 5-10 degrees during the evening, as this tiny adjustment has been shown to be useful.

At the time of blooming, humidity should be at least 50% to for optimal the synthesis of terpenes. However, before harvesting, you may wish to lower the humidity by 30% as this causes strain on the plant, and causes it to create more trichomes. Of course, it helps to protect against decaying buds.

It’s harvest time!

Terpenes, as exquisite as they are, are exceedingly delicate. Because they are relatively volatile , they are extremely easy to break down. This is a shame when you consider the number of different types available to assist you in creating the most amazing smells. This is why it is crucial to harvest on time. Each terpene has unique qualities which may vary from harvest to harvest in the exact same strain, so you must be vigilant about your plants throughout this time to avoid losing the beneficial terpenes. Check the trichomes on the buds with an magnifying glass every day.

Steps to completion

Even if you’ve taken everything properly up to now, it’s going to require to be patient allow the buds to give their full. The buds should be dried in a gentle manner and the humidity needs to be kept to a minimum to stop the development of mold.

Lastly, place the buds that have dried in jars or other containers (not plastic or white bags) and then open them up once or twice a day to allow fresh air to circulate. Make sure there are no indications of mildew or damaged buds. After a few weeks you will be able to smoke less frequently. This takes around a month, but the longer you put off for the smoke to clear, the less smoky it will be. Of course, you must be vigilant in examining for signs of mold.

As you can see, it all boils down and the proper treatment. If you follow the directions to the letter it will be possible to make the most of the wonderful terpene benefits.

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