How To Grow Purple Cannabis

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Marijuana plants are usually green in color. At the very minimum it’s what we’re used by seeing that hue. Cannabis strains may have a different color, whether or it’s not. Purple marijuana strains are becoming more sought-after in recent years.

While the color may be appealing The high levels of THC found in purple marijuana buds are a major reason for its popularity. This means it’s more powerful than standard marijuana. Everything you should know about unusual purple cannabis buds can be found right here.


What Causes Purple Cannabis Buds?

The majority of marijuana varieties are green, but why do some varieties have purple? Cannabis buds may naturally change hue based on the conditions in which they are cultivated. When marijuana is grown outdoors in cold temperatures this happens in its own way.

The change in color is caused by a pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin takes over when chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green hue, breaks down in freezing temperatures. Anthocyanin is already present in the plant, however the plant appears green because chlorophyll is more abundant. the effects caused by anthocyanin can be only evident after the death of chlorophyll.

The specific colour of the plant currently relies on the anthocyanin pH degree, and could be red, violet, or blue. If it is found that the pH in cannabis buds is neutral, they turn purple.

This natural occurrence has piqued the curiosity of marijuana consumers and gardeners, and it is now possible to cultivate purple cannabis in standard circumstances. Buds leaf, leaves pistils, and trichomes are just a few an example of marijuana plant elements that can change color to purple. The leaves of the plant can turn purple, while the buds stay green and vice versa.

This happens when the leaves are subjected to extreme cold over long periods of time. However beautiful the plant looks, the leaves are cut after the harvest. Therefore, cultivating marijuana with purple buds , and with green leaves the aim.

Purple marijuana buds have been linked to numerous health benefits because of their large amounts of anthocyanin. They are believed to possess the ability to improve wellbeing and reduce pain. Additionally, the large amounts of anthocyanin found in these buds indicate they are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

How to Grow Purple Cannabis the Right Way and the Wrong Way

The following steps will help you create an incredibly strong weed with high THC levels regardless of whether you find color purple appealing or not. It’s important to remember that there are a lot of false instructions for growing purple strains online, which we don’t suggest. To get that purple color overnight, these approaches are based on depriving plants of oxygen and then dazzling it with cold temperatures. This will not be effective.

To get the desired hue of purple, it’s a bad idea to apply food coloring also. Avoid these methods at all cost since improper methods for growing purple cannabis buds may degrade the quality of the plant as well as decrease output. It’s not likely what you want.

Purple cannabis cultivates should be grown this way. In addition to getting the desired outcomes when you adhere to these suggestions, but you will also enjoy premium marijuana buds.

Everything begins from the seeds that are planted.

The right seeds are required to grow purple marijuana buds successfully. Seeds that have the genetic ability to transform into purple are required; else, your efforts will be in vain. Anthocyanin levels in seeds must be extremely high (the pigment that also gives blueberries that gorgeous purple color).

When it comes to the period, chlorophyll starts to decay in winter and autumn when the days are shorter. Anthocyanin takes control and imposes its color at this point. In the end, the second step is to create an ideal environment to grow cannabis buds that are purple. cannabis buds.

In order for that the marijuana plant to change color to purple, it need warmer days and cold nights. You should strive for the temperature to be between 30 degrees. The night cycle temperature should be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit at flowering season (10 degrees Celsius).

Around 15 days prior to you harvest marijuana buds are beginning to change color to purple. The best purple marijuana buds very soon if you adhered to the guidelines in this article and ensured that you have the perfect temperature.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Growing marijuana buds outside is usually recommended as it is easier to control the climate and maintain the proper temperature. Purple cannabis buds can, of course, be grown outdoors but it’s more challenging because of environmental considerations.

Before you start, ensure the soil is suitable to support the growth of your plant. Many factors may stifle the growth of your marijuana strains, for example, using the wrong nutrients or cultivating in soil that’s not made for it. Before you begin growing the plant, be sure the soil is in good condition.

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