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Important Highlights about Legality of Cannabis in Canada

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Legal Age for Smoking Cannabis in Canada

The legal age to buy and consume marijuana in most Canadian provinces is 19 years. The legal age in Alberta is 18. The minimum age to handle cannabis is 21 years in Quebec since January 2020, after an age raise by the regional government. A person of legal age is allowed to handle 30 grams of cannabis. The legal limit (30 grams) that someone can possess, carry, or share applies to entire Canada.

Legalized Places to Buy Cannabis in Canada

Each province in Canada has its rules on the places to buy cannabis. The places to buy cannabis in most provinces are government-run retail shops and private dispensaries because provinces control the handling of the substance. Some selling stations are a hybrid of the two. The shops also stock different cannabis products, but the purchasing experience varies by province. These stores display a seal in the window to show they have the approval of the Canadian government.

Buy Cannabis in Canada Online

If you do not like visiting and buying from a retail store, Canada has online options. Some provinces and territories organize online cannabis sales. You can even buy weed online when visiting Canada and request delivery to your hotel.

Places to Legally Smoke Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis is legal in Canada, but you cannot smoke anywhere. Nearly all provinces in Canada do not allow the smoking of cannabis and cigarettes in public spaces. The public places where you cannot smoke cannabis include:

  • Indoor public spaces
  • Workplaces
  • Public transit facilities

Some provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario have a law stating cannabis smokers can smoke their stuff at cigarette smoking zones.

Halifax Regional Municipality designated toking zones on municipal properties throughout the region. You can read the Cannabis Act of the province you live in or plan to visit to know the legal smoking zones. It will save you from ticketing and fines.

Flying with Cannabis in Canada

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority allows passengers to carry legal recreational cannabis that does not exceed 30 grams on their baggage for domestic flights. It is still illegal to carry cannabis for an international flight.

The cannabis issue also causes challenges when crossing the border on land. For instance, US Border Services is on record for reminding people that cannabis is still an illegal substance in the United States. There was even an instruction that Customs and Border Protection officials should deny or confiscate passes of Canadian travelers who admit to purchasing and using cannabis.

Cannabis is legal in Canada, but it is important to read and comprehend the Cannabis Act by province to avoid penalties for contravening the legal framework.…

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