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(收集网友整理的田中达之画集《cannabis works》@微盘 分享给大家Simultaneously, if OrganiGram can get a base operating efficiency of 35% on the $ 35 million in revenue, that equates to $ 12 million in price. This equates to $ 9 million in operating income; a significant improvement from current ranges. OrganiGram is already moving in the direction of profitability. Now, with a mega company and a joint venture as one of the world's largest tobacco companies, OrganiGram will add vital increases in revenue and profit. For OrganiGram, an organization already on a stable path, that is a significant increase on the right path for this penny. However, after the recent rally in the value of this penny stock, some analysts seem to feel that inventory has risen enough for now; At $ 3.49, the typical target value suggests the stock will fall 12% from the current stock value of $ 3.99. Disclaimer: The data contained in this document is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this text should be taken as a request for purchase or promotion of securities.

What is impressive is that OrganiGram has been able to notice the optimistic cash flow from gross margin trading. Work efficiencies that fall short of some of the most effective players in the industry. OrganiGram shares have reported adjusted gross margins at 30% and work efficiencies at 55%. Having reviewed numerous cannabis companies, I have a reasonable sense of where the perfect players land on certain metrics. The easiest companies are reaching roughly 60% -65% in gross margins. And, labor efficiencies are sometimes around 35% for the best companies. OrganiGram has a lot of room for improvement with these two metrics, given where they are currently. This becomes an opportunity for an investor seeking financial adjustments that will increase shareholder value. With the new addition of the British American association, this will improve operational efficiencies significantly simply from the math of rising revenue versus labor prices. This can happen naturally. Instantly, OrganiGram's metrics will improve with more merchandise produced from British American's own product line.

20% of the entire company. They are doing a joint venture where British American Tobacco will promote a cannabis product, and Organigram has the exclusive right to provide this product on behalf of British American. This type of deal solidifies a track record that is already constructive for OrganiGram; the company reported several quarters of positive cash flow from operations. It is a key milestone to reach. Shows that the company's products. The total recreation plan will pay off. Given the new partnership with British American Tobacco, the subsequent increase in inventory value, and OrganiGrams' positive financial track record, I needed to see if penny inventory is still a purchase. As you can see, OrganiGram's revenue has started to expand due to the COVID-induced decline. As mentioned, the cash flow from operations is constructive. Because of this, OrganiGram's income from sales is higher than the overall value of the goods; a key milestone. If OrganiGram continues to grow revenue, it will add to the economies of scale and begin to contribute significantly to the bottom line.

So with gross margins, if OrganiGram hits a respectable level, the current OGI money is a fascinating opportunity. As a growing number of gross sales create more and more profits through economies of scale, this increase in money from operations will begin to contribute to different operating costs similar to SG&A. On its own, OrganiGram is transferring in a really positive way. And then you can include a mega partner. British American Tobacco is a multi-billion dollar company generating revenue in the billions. They will now be able to market a cannabis product that OrganiGram will produce. Although it's still a bit early to tell, future projections see Organigram's revenue double. Once you start issuing within OrganiGram's economies of scale, doubling revenue while increasing gross margins by just a5%, OrganiGram finances are beginning to paint a really promising picture. If OrganiGram can print $ 35 million at 60% gross margins, that's $ 21 million in gross profit.

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