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My basic recipe for granola

A very adaptable and simple recipe for homemade granola that is a full and healthy breakfast or snack with yogurt and fruit. The addition of buckwheat makes it irresistibly crunchy, it has an intense nutty taste, sweetened with dates and full of seeds and nuts. Always present in my pantry, and I hope she becomes a guest in yours too!

Considering the scope of my blog, there are probably already too many recipes for homemade granola, crackers, cream soups and energy bars. I know, I may be exaggerating, but that’s what I eat and prepare so often, that I could probably start writing a few separate thematic blogs.

Give granola a chance, you will love it

Granola is so great that you have to give it a chance in case you haven’t already. So easy to make, you can choose and combine ingredients according to your taste and condition in the pantry, and whenever you need a “ready-made” breakfast, it waits in a jar to be mixed with yogurt or plain or vegetable milk and to give you satiety and nourishment meal.

She likes all the toppings in the form of fresh or cooked berries or other fruits, nut or seed butter, some super toppings, but she is also wonderful with yogurt or even just for snacking. In my opinion, it is certainly one of the most useful things you could keep in the house, especially since it can stand for a long time and still remain crispy and delicious.

Through all those recipes that I have published so far (you will see the list at the bottom of the text), I have already written a lot about how it is made, how nutritious it is and how easily it is adaptable. Here I will only remind you that something made from quality and nutritious foods must be healthy and great for our body. This does not apply to purchased granola, because they usually contain too much sugar, unhealthy fats, various additives and aromas that have no place here, if you ask me. If you buy them, read the ingredients and take only those that act as if you can make them yourself, from known and desirable ingredients and that sugar is not listed as one of the first ingredients on the list.

The recipe I present to you today is a recipe for my basic granola, which I always have at home, often with the addition of some “more unusual”, already known or experimental. Until some time ago, the first recipe for granola published on the blog was the “basic” one – with the addition of dried fruit, sweetened with honey and flakes as a base.

This one is similar, but a good part of that base is buckwheat, which gives a special crunchiness, and when it is toasted, it gets an intense nutty taste, it is a very good food and I can hardly imagine omitting it. Everything else in the recipe is very customizable, as you will already read.

You can use one or more types of seeds, flakes, nuts and it will always be a little different, but inevitably crunchy, sweet and has a wonderful taste. If I recently returned from the market where I buy these groceries and the pantry is full, I will put a little of various seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, chia, flax. Otherwise, it may be just pumpkins or just sunflowers. It is the same with the other necessary ingredients, which means that you have less excuses not to make your first version of this recipe today.

It is sweetened with fresh dates, which for convenience you can mash with a fork, mix with other liquid ingredients, and then combine everything and bake. If you do not have a problem washing the dishes, you can mix the liquid ingredients in a chopper, and in that case, it is desirable not to peel the dates. Also, if for some reason you have not already included dates in your kitchen, you can replace them with maple syrup or honey.

In the part with the recipe, I mentioned that everything is interchangeable and easily adaptable, you can use granola itself in many ways if you don’t like to eat it only with yogurt or milk. It is an excellent sprinkle for smoothies, various types of cold porridge with cereals or chia pudding, wonderful as a dessert in combination with some vanilla cream or Greek yogurt and cooked fruit or honey.