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Coconut and hazelnut milk

A recipe for a wonderful herbal drink, creamy, sweet and delicious to drink, but also for a variety of porridges, chia pudding and fruit or chocolate drinks. You need quite ordinary ingredients, minimal time and a blender. If you have that + a little confidence in my taste, you’ve found your favorite herbal milk!

Although I have been making various vegetable “milks” for a long time, since I combined this, the only ones I have in the fridge or if I don’t happen to have, the hazelnuts and coconut are already submerged and waiting for their “squeezing”.

Coconut and hazelnuts are a winning combination

Why? Well, both are intense enough to fight for their piece of flavor. Hazelnut gives fullness, coconut a tropical refreshing note and that touch of fat that stays longer in the mouth. We all love that, don’t we?
You have probably noticed that vegetable milk is becoming more and more popular, that a lot is being written about it, that there are more and more types in stores and that it is not very cheap. Although some better versions appear, in general, these drinks are full of various additives, thickeners, oils, sweeteners, artificial flavors, they do not have a fresh taste and the food that is “basic” in it, usually makes up to 3-4% of the total weight.

With me, you can buy good oats (oats, water, salt), fine to use instead of regular milk in some cases, but tasteless and unattractive (and yes, I can make it myself).

Homemade versions of herbal milks can be as interesting or boring as you want, they can be creamy and watery, sweetened or unsweetened, and can certainly be used for anything you would use to buy this type of drink for, or almost anything instead of plain cow’s milk.

You need a blender, as well as a bag or gauze for squeezing, the main ingredient or more and water. Everything else is arbitrary and a matter of your creativity and taste. Also, it is important to remember to soak the ingredients earlier, and everything else is ready in five minutes.

They are very easy to make and although I have been planning to publish a series of posts for basic herbal milks and some combinations for some time now, I liked what I am presenting to you today more than all of them and I decided to “slightly spoil” the order. It’s summer, and this drink is so refreshing when it’s well chilled and it’s great as a base for overnight oatmeal or chia pudding and I thought you might like it.

The fullness of taste and creamy feeling comes primarily from coconut

The original liquid coconut milk is made from fresh fruit by soaking the white solid pulp in boiling water and then straining and soaking several times. It is easier to dry, and by dipping, the coconut leaves will soften and release enough fat. By the way, even when you make this milk only from coconut, it is not a substitute for full-fat canned coconut milk, for example for desserts or sometimes for cooking. It is much more liquid and less greasy, for drinking it is also more like a substitute for regular milk.

You have probably heard that coconut is a great food, that it is rich in a specific type of healthy fats (lauric acid), which our body easily breaks down and absorbs. Anita Šupe wrote a great article about coconut oil and why coconut should be introduced into the daily diet, so take a look if you are interested in this topic.

Hazelnuts need to be lightly toasted to give the most flavor or buy already roasted. Almonds are another great combination with coconut – I usually leave them raw and unpeeled, but if you really want, you can also lightly toast them in the oven.

Dates are there to give a pleasant dose of sweetness and complete the taste nicely, but you can replace them with a spoonful of maple syrup or honey, and of course, you can leave the milk unsweetened.

This drink will serve as the perfect base for homemade chocolate milk. Add cocoa powder, increase the amount of sweetener a little and add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg if desired. Another version is to add some fruit like strawberries or raspberries and get some fruity sweet drink. I think kids would love it, and I’m sure we adults too!