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California Supreme Court Denies Cannabis To Inmates

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GOAT Yogi, bred by CannabeizeinThe California superior court record has reversed a lower court ruling that inmates in state prisons have the right to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. The California Supreme Court record ruled that inmates have no right to carry cannabis with them while in state prison custody. The case comes from 5 incarcerated people, one of them Goldy Raybon, who was found to have cannabis in his cells. They argued that their convictions would be thrown out due to the 2006 change that allowed people to wear up to one ounce on their person. Possession of cannabis or other medications will not be allowed in state prisons. An appeals chamber panel ruled in 2019 that incarcerated people can carry up to at least one ounce, or 28 grams, of cannabis in prison, as long as they don't gobble it up. "It seems unlikely that this was the intention of the voters," he said. "We assume that it is clear that the legal guidelines prohibiting the possession of cannabis in prison relate to drug use.

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