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An Insight into California Marijuana Legal Guidelines – National, State, Local

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There is no doubt that medical cannabis is useful in the remedy of various types of lethal diseases and that is why many people need this drug. But to offer a safe side to individuals, the California authorities have framed certain legal guidelines on marijuana. The Welfare and Safety Code 11362.5 – This code explains marijuana laws for people who need it for medical reasons. It allows these patients and their caregivers to possess and domesticate cannabis. However, this does not, in any case, consist of the distribution or sale of this medicine. Furthermore, these patients should only buy cannabis when they have obtained a genuine prescription from a legalized marijuana doctor. Health and Safety Code 11359 – Let us now focus on California marijuana laws with reference to 'possession with intent to sell'. Under the Welfare and Safety Code 11359, possession of cannabis with the intent to sell is a criminal offense. Health and Safety Code 11358 – This code explains the legal marijuana guidelines associated with growing marijuana. People who need a cannabis remedy for their physical ailment can grow it only with prior permission and license for the same. But apart from this, the cultivation of cannabis is a criminal offense if it is cultivated with the intention of promoting it. However, the Criminal Code one thousand allows people to domesticate marijuana for their private use, however, once again, there is a strict "NO" to promotion for these people as well.

raw meat on white ceramic plate beside white and green ceramic bowl On the subject of legal guidelines related to marijuana, each state in the United States has bought its own rules and regulations. There are individual US states that regard the possession of marijuana as a much less rigorous crime, while there are other states that regard the possession of cannabis as a much more severe and punishable offense. States that consider possession of cannabis a serious crime impose harsh penalties on offenders. On the other hand, there are certain states in the United States where cannabis is legalized and due to this fact, possession of cannabis is simply not considered a crime. But even in those states there are some marijuana laws that people should strictly adopt. One of those states is California. The marijuana time period in the legal definition contains all the elements of the cannabis plant. The exact name of the plant is Cannabis Sativa L and its various parts include its seeds, leaves and resin. Any mixture, compound, salt or derivative that has been prepared with the help of any of the parts of cannabis sativa is included in the category of drug called marijuana.

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