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Where it all began! Our famous bitesize Originl Chipn’etzel(tm) is made with potato chips & pretzel bits for a sweet, sparkle and a salty crunch. These all natural goodies are topped off with a light sugar dusting.


Our deliciously sinful bitesize Dark Chocolate Chipn’etzel(tm) is made with potato chips & pretzel bits for a sweet sparkle and a salty crunch.  Each cookie is then drizzled with our premium, rich dark chocolate. An amazingly addictive treat!
Only available for shipping Oct – Apr


This summer time favorite has now become a year-round staple. Our Lemonade cookies are a deliciously sweet and tart all natural cookie baked with real lemonade in each bite!


Vanilla Milkshake cookies are creamy, dreamy, and taste like a vanilla milkshake!  This mouth-watering cookie tastes like a real vanilla malt, just like the old days!


S’mores are baked with wholesome crushed graham cracker, sweet marshmallows, and yummy chocolate chip awesomeness. All natural too!  No campfire needed here!

Ice Cream Cone

Our newest addition to the line and what we hope to be your next favorite! Baked with chocolate and vanilla chips and sugar cone bits. We hope it brings back memories of hot days in the sand and an ice cream cone in your hand!

Hot Chocolate

Also a new addition to our line! These scrumptious morsels are baked with rich dark cocoa, chocolaty chips and sweet marshmallow. Let us warm you up with this deliciously unique yummy treat.

More outrageously unique cookies and treats to come!

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