Here’s what people are saying about us!

"Sara Snacker cookies are one of a kind. There is a memory in every bite."

-Dawn Wolfrom, Philadelphia, PA


-Rachel Shaerf, Manhattan, NY, Aged 8

About Sara Snacker Cookie Company

At SARA SNACKER COOKIE CO.™ you'll find an old friend in the flavors we bake. Whether it's the old-time malt shop taste of vanilla milkshakes or the salty/sweet mix of pretzels, potato chips and chocolate in our famous Chipn'etzel ™ — you will find yourself transported by our unique nostalgic flavors. Sara remembers the innocent days when warm summer afternoons meant lemonade and the only tweets you heard about were from actual birds. Life wasn't complicated and neither were the snacks.

As a mother of two, Sara set out to create a fun all-natural alternative to all the preservative and artificial color laced snacks out there. We are certain you won't miss a thing when it comes to our one of a kind flavors! Kids and adults will agree. So go grab a bag of smiles... SARA SNACKER COOKIE CO.™ brings out the kid in you!

About Sara

Sara, C.E.O. and owner of SARA SNACKER COOKIE CO.™, has been creating crazy cookie concoctions ever since she was a little girl. From the moment she got her first Easy-Bake Oven, Sara learned to wield a spoon with an extra dash of imagination. SARA SNACKER™ originated at The University of Arizona where Sara ran the company out of her college dorm room. She sold her cookies and treats throughout the campus, as well as at a number of local stores, all to rave reviews. She had to put the business on hold when it started taking too much time away from her studies, and her roommate kept eating all the supplies!

After a decade in Los Angeles, where Sara worked as a television agent and later ran her own television production company creating and Executive Producing shows for E!, Lifetime, Oxygen, and TLC, the East Coast native moved back home to Manhattan and resurrected her inner baker. Now happily married to her biggest fan and mother of two amazingly wonderful children, Sara is happy to bring her tasty cookies home to you!